A special message for Mom


How can I ever really thank you Mom?

As an infant you nursed me and gave me love. I couldn’t do anything for myself. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t read, and couldn’t write.

I could always eat, as you would find to be true throughout my life, especially as a teen. Yet it didn’t matter what I couldn’t do as a baby because you did it all for me, knowing in good time I would get there.

Mom you have always carried yourself with such class. You have always been well liked by your co-workers and subordinates at every job you’ve ever had.

I want you to know you’re a wonderful mother and I’ve always known how lucky I’ve been throughout my life to have had you as my mom, especially when I look around.

I never knew until I got much older that we had some really tough times. Maybe it was because you were such an amazing caregiver. Or maybe because you were a great protector and provider; but it was probably just because you loved me so much you never let me know that you were in pain.

I do remember some hard times.

I remember clutching ‘Teddy-John’ (my Teddy-bear) on the sidewalk, with my sister holding my hand, after we had been evicted from our apartment as a child, because we couldn’t pay rent; you were there smiling at us.

For all I knew it was just a new adventure. My imaginary friend was there with me too, do you remember his name? It was ‘Robby.’

I remember you spanking me for stealing when I was 6-years-old, saying ‘if it’s not yours then don’t touch it!’

I remember you protecting me when people lashed out at me or my sister, even if we were at fault, and then us getting it worse from you for being at fault. Saying ‘you were raised better than that!’

I remember you holding me and telling me everything would be fine when I would cry or was in pain. Even as I got older and still needed your, guidance, love and touch.

I remember you spanking me for stealing when I was 9-years-old, saying ‘if it’s not yours then don’t touch it!’

I remember when Dad would yell at us for something and you would give us a quick look or a wink to let us know everything would be OK, even when we were in trouble.

I remember you working nights because it paid a ‘little more,’ and although you didn’t like it, you did it for us.

I remember you in pain at times, crying in a separate room, and doing your best to shield me from it, but Mom I will always be there for you, so you can cry whenever you need to and all you want.

I remember you spanking me for stealing when I was 12-years-old, saying again ‘if it’s not yours then don’t touch it!’ Dad spanked me that time too when he came home from work and it was a good one. I learned my lesson….finally. If it’s not mine – then I don’t touch it.

No stealing – unless it’s Lindsay’s heart ;) !

Mom, I mainly remember the good times though!

I had a great childhood filled with happy memories. Like when I stole a watch for your birthday! Just Kidding!

I always had great birthdays!

I always had a hug from you (or Dad) if I wanted.

I was always encouraged to be more. I am more. I weigh more – thanks a lot mom!

I cherish the family reunions in Hartwell as a kid, Eddie, Laurie, Christy, Aunt Jinx, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Ed, Machiko, Tinker, Grandpa, you, Taura and especially one of my heroes; my brother Cary, whom I love without bounds!

Mom I remember Dad, you, me and Taura and Annie on Christmas morning, laughing, smiling and being together as a family.

Every holiday was special. St. Patty’s Day before school the tablecloth would be green and I would eat my cereal with green milk.

I remember the Spaghetti Open Houses when we would feed the neighborhood.

Mom, you were always a good example of what a mother should be.

I remember Dad teaching us to sing the ‘Mother song’ – ‘M’ is for the million things she gave me……on Mother’s Day so we could sing it to you.

But Mom, the main thing I could always count on you for was your understanding, sensitivity, and compassion. You were always there for me when I needed someone to be there, and I want you to know I will always be there for you.

Happy Mothers Day Mom,

I love you,

Stevie, ‘Robby,’ & ‘Teddy-John’

PS – Happy Mother’s Day to Mom-O (Judy and Loretta), Mrs. Webb (s) (LBG), Taura, Mrs. Phillip’s, Mindy Horgan, Laurie P. (my cousin), all my aunts, to all my friends and extended families with Mom’s, Kenyatta, Sarah Nunan, Mrs. Baniak, all the wonderful Mothers and Wives of the 138th Fires Brigade, all the Mom’s in Lexington and the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, and of course to you Lindsay, YAMWW.

Happy Mother’s Day,



6 Responses to “A special message for Mom”

  1. Lindsay Tressler Says:

    Very good honey! I couldn’t feel luckier to have you as my husband, therefore I couldn’t be any luckier to have a great mother-in-law because she raised you and turned you into the man you are!
    I’ll miss you on my first mother’s day but we’ll celebrate big when you get home! Especially your first father’s day!!
    You’re the best daddy! We’re praying for you and your safe return!
    We love you,
    Lindsay and Kenadee

  2. Betty Says:

    Such a wonderful and touching letter to your Mom. It is 4:26 a.m. in Georgetown, Ky. and I am reading your letter. I enjoy reading your letters but most of all you are there for all us Mothers. that means so much (I am sure) to all Mother’s reading your letter. I have to admit that us Mother’s have to show tough love to our children but look what it accomplishes. I know your Mother is very proud of you as well as your wife, Lindsey, and your daughter, Kennedy is. I wish you the very best in the future and Pray everyday for your and all the members in your National Guard Company on your SAFE return home. I am looking forward to your letter telling everyone who has read every letter you have written –that You are then safely home and with your family. THANK YOU and all our TROOPS for their Loyalty. The “COMMONWEALTH of KENTUCKY” has to be PROUD of OUR HEROS. GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. Taura Schmitz Says:

    Stevie,what can I say.That was beautiful.You and I are so blessed to have such an awesome mother. I loved the article.Keep on writing,because i love what you always have to say.

  4. A Friend Says:

    Thank you all, bless you all, and I can’t wait to hear that all of you are home safe and sound.

    I first heard of the 138th FB through becoming aquainted with one of your wives, and I have been deeply touched by what you and your families sacrifice for our freedom.

    Please stay safe, and thanks for the blog.

  5. Mom Says:

    Dear Stevie,
    Today is Saturday, and Summer is helping me with a reply to your blog. I never expected it to be such a long blog about me. You have touched my heart with your memories. I have always felt very lucky to have had great children. I can’t wait to help you celebrate your first Father’s Day.
    All of My Love,

  6. Summer Says:

    Uncle Stevie,
    What a beautiful article! I can’t wait to see you and I love you very much!! ♥♥♥

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